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Sanal Faiz (kişiye özel faiz) | The Virtual Interest Rates Project (Inerest rates according to Customer risk point )

It was an only one-to-one relationship with Products and Customer Segments. I have developed a system that divided that advanced interest rates function into a deep level of customer ratings enabled function. For instance, a product called A, gives %15 interest rates for 1-361 days which is grounded by FTF* rates plus 1 point spread added. What if a new division parameter which is Customer Rating asked to be a part of the selection of interest rates. I have used Oracle Types and an integration class developed on the .NET platform and with C# that was the best practice because the current Transaction Screen was only designed for entering only 75 different rates for each product and maturity. I have put a pop-up screen into each cell that could enable users to make 1 to 11 sub rates based on each standard customer ratings which are defined 11 currently. It was compulsory demand project so that there was so little time. With the architecture above, I could make the current s

Karmaşık bir projeyi yeniden oluşturmak | Optimizing Codes in Financial Services.

In big companies, it is always a good idea to keep current system while it is working. It is a must to improve the current system in order to apply new features on it when it is not enough to answer new business requests to run on it. So it was an opportunity for me to ask more to do more in less time. How was the current system and why it was not enough: It is corporate credits control system and it is the section of controlling cautions against risk on right margins and rates. But to this operation, unfortunately there exists 3 major objects and two of them is quite similar to each other. I think it is because all new software engineers thought the same; not to affect anything and better to create a new stored procedure. It is not right. It is a basic fact that keeps it simple and divides and conquer. It is always suggested to learn and understand the code first with debugging, tracing and reading the code, only after this, think and code. As the story above, over 5 y