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Empowering Positive Change as a Cultural Influencer in the Workplace

  As a cultural influencer in my workplace, my main goal is to identify and resolve issues that are brought up in the annual survey. Throughout my life, I've always had a passion for problem-solving and this role has given me the opportunity to do just that. In the past, I've tackled a variety of issues in my personal and professional life. For instance, I noticed that there was a lack of trees in my neighborhood, so I organized a signature campaign to urge the local government to plant more trees. In my previous job, I was able to completely revamp a complex codebase that was causing headaches for everyone, and replaced it with a much more efficient microservice. Now, as a cultural influencer in the Istanbul branch of my company, I work closely with my colleagues to identify any issues that arise and communicate them to our management team. Through effective communication and brainstorming sessions, we're able to come up with actionable solutions that benefit everyone in t

Rowing: More Than Just a Sport

Rowing has been a part of my life for several months now and it's more than just a sport to me. It started out as a way to stay active and fit, but it has become so much more than that. Rowing has taught me valuable lessons about perseverance, teamwork, concentration, and determination. One of the most important lessons I've learned through rowing is the importance of perseverance. Rowing requires a lot of dedication and hard work, but the results are worth it. Through regular practice and determination, I've been able to improve my skills and achieve personal goals that I never thought were possible. Another important aspect of rowing is teamwork. Rowing is a team sport, and it requires each member to work together towards a common goal. Through rowing, I've learned the importance of communication, collaboration, and trust. It's incredible to see how much more we can achieve when we work together as a team. Concentration and focus are also key aspects of rowing.

My Experience as a .NET Developer in the Banking Industry in Turkey

As a .NET developer working in the banking industry in Turkey, I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of exciting projects. From developing complex financial applications to designing efficient systems to process transactions, my work has been both challenging and rewarding. One of the things I enjoy most about my work is the opportunity to mentor young talent. As a mentor to students at Yildiz Technical University, I've had the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with the next generation of software developers. It's incredibly rewarding to see these students grow and develop their skills, and I'm proud to play a part in their journey. In addition to my work in the banking industry, I've also had the opportunity to contribute to open-source projects on GitHub. For me, sharing my code and collaborating with other developers is an important part of staying at the cutting edge of technology. It's exciting to see how my work can have an impact

Developing a Mobile App for CSR in EMEA and the UK using React

As a .NET developer, I've had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects. But one of the most exciting was developing a mobile app for CSR in EMEA and the UK using React. The app was designed to help employees and customers engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives, and it was incredibly rewarding to be part of a project that had a positive impact on society. The app was also unique in that it was designed to work across multiple regions, with different languages and cultural contexts. This required a deep understanding of both the technical and cultural considerations involved, and it was a fascinating challenge to navigate. Throughout the project, I was able to leverage my skills as a .NET developer to build the back-end systems that powered the app. But I also had the opportunity to learn new skills, such as using React to develop the app's front-end. I'm always excited to take on new challenges and learn new things, and this project was no excep

Kodlama standartları belirlemek ve Kod review etmek

Bazı örnekler ile C# .NET kodlama standartları: Kullanılacak Dil ve Framework Sürümleri: Hangi C# dil sürümünün ve .NET Framework sürümünün kullanılacağı belirtilmelidir. Adlandırma Kuralları: Değişken, metot, sınıf, enum ve diğer yapıların adlandırılması için belirli kurallar oluşturulmalıdır. Örneğin, değişkenlerin küçük harfle başlaması, metotların fiil formunda adlandırılması, sınıfların PascalCase olarak adlandırılması gibi. Kod Biçimlendirme Kuralları: Kod biçimlendirme, okunabilirliği artırmak için önemlidir. Belirli kurallar, girinti, boşluk, süslü parantezlerin kullanımı gibi biçimlendirme özelliklerinin standartlaştırılmasına yardımcı olur. Özellik Yönetimi: Sınıfların ve metotların özellikleri (properties) için belirli kurallar oluşturulmalıdır. Özelliklerin erişim düzeyleri, alanların tanımlanması ve özelliklerin işlevleri gibi. Hata Yakalama: Hata yakalama, uygulamaların kararlılığı için önemlidir. Belirli hata yakalama standartları oluşturmak, uygulamanın beklenmedik duru

Exploring the Thriving Software Industry in the UK

The software industry in the UK is thriving, and it's no surprise why. With a highly skilled workforce, supportive government policies, and a vibrant startup scene, the UK is a hotspot for software innovation. In recent years, the UK software industry has seen significant growth, with companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft all expanding their operations in the country. This growth has been driven by a number of factors, including the availability of highly skilled workers, access to funding and support for startups, and a favorable business environment. One of the key drivers of the UK software industry's success is the country's strong focus on education and training. Many of the country's top universities offer world-class computer science programs, producing a steady stream of highly skilled graduates. In addition, the government has implemented a number of initiatives to support skills development and training in the sector. Overall, the UK software industr

Istanbul’da taksi bulmak

  Bugünlerde, birçok insanın taksi ihtiyacını gidermek için kullanmayı tercih ettiği popüler bir uygulama var: Uber. Peki, Uber'in popülerliği nedeniyle sarı taksilerin yerini almasına sebep olan faktörler nelerdir? Birincisi, Uber'in algoritması oldukça etkili. Bu algoritma, müşterilerin taleplerini değerlendirirken sadece en yakın taksiyi değil, aynı zamanda müşteri puanlamalarına ve aracın temizliğine, kalitesine ve güvenilirliğine de göz atar. Bu nedenle, Uber'den çağrılan bir taksi, sarı taksiler gibi olmayabilir, ancak daha temiz, daha rahat ve daha güvenli olabilir. İkincisi, Uber'in kaliteli hizmetleri, müşteri deneyimini iyileştirir. Sürücüler, müşterilerin taksi çağırırken göz önünde bulundurdukları tüm özellikleri sunmak için daha iyi bir hizmet sunarlar. Bu, müşterilerin memnuniyetini arttırır ve aynı zamanda Uber'in sürdürülebilirliği açısından da önemlidir. Sonuç olarak, Uber, daha temiz, daha rahat ve daha güvenli taksiler sağlayarak, taksi endüstrisi