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Empowering Positive Change as a Cultural Influencer in the Workplace

  As a cultural influencer in my workplace, my main goal is to identify and resolve issues that are brought up in the annual survey. Throughout my life, I've always had a passion for problem-solving and this role has given me the opportunity to do just that. In the past, I've tackled a variety of issues in my personal and professional life. For instance, I noticed that there was a lack of trees in my neighborhood, so I organized a signature campaign to urge the local government to plant more trees. In my previous job, I was able to completely revamp a complex codebase that was causing headaches for everyone, and replaced it with a much more efficient microservice. Now, as a cultural influencer in the Istanbul branch of my company, I work closely with my colleagues to identify any issues that arise and communicate them to our management team. Through effective communication and brainstorming sessions, we're able to come up with actionable solutions that benefit everyone in t