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We create fashion - Web site inspiration

Today, I was looking for a nice suit on the website. Something stylish, comfortable, and minimalistic came to mind, and I thought of Mango. When I visited their web pages, I found them very user-friendly. As I admired the well-designed suits and the beautiful website, I wondered about the company and went to their corporate pages. The website started with an intro, decorating a wall with their oldest photos. It felt like someone was there in front of me, telling their story to a newcomer. As time flew by, the quality and size of the photos on the wall increased. When we reach the present, a video covering the entire page plays, showing the inside of the factory and office like a drone, making me forget I was on a web page and feel like I was watching an impressive advertisement. It was very inspiring. The way a company could present itself so beautifully, how the pictures gradually grew, conveying nostalgia throughout and transitioning to the modern and minimalistic essence in just a f


Hey friends, Big news! I've been featured on the MUFG website, and I'm over the moon about it. This piece dives into my role in the IT department at MUFG, my journey in the world of global finance tech, and my involvement in CSR activities. Reflecting on this, I feel a mix of gratitude and excitement. It's been an incredible journey of learning and growth. I'd love for you to read my story and share your thoughts. Check it out here . İstanbul / Photo by Görkem Yıldırım Türkçe/ Harika bir haberim var! MUFG'nin web sitesinde yer aldım ve bu benim için çok heyecan verici. Bu yazıda, MUFG'deki IT departmanındaki rolüm, global finans teknolojisindeki yolculuğum ve CSR faaliyetlerindeki katılımım anlatılıyor. Bunu düşününce, minnettarlık ve heyecan hissediyorum. Öğrenme ve büyüme dolu inanılmaz bir yolculuktu. Hikayemi okuyup düşüncelerinizi paylaşmanızı çok isterim. Buradan bakabilirsiniz.