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We create fashion - Web site inspiration

Today, I was looking for a nice suit on the website. Something stylish, comfortable, and minimalistic came to mind, and I thought of Mango. When I visited their web pages, I found them very user-friendly. As I admired the well-designed suits and the beautiful website, I wondered about the company and went to their corporate pages. The website started with an intro, decorating a wall with their oldest photos. It felt like someone was there in front of me, telling their story to a newcomer. As time flew by, the quality and size of the photos on the wall increased. When we reach the present, a video covering the entire page plays, showing the inside of the factory and office like a drone, making me forget I was on a web page and feel like I was watching an impressive advertisement. It was very inspiring. The way a company could present itself so beautifully, how the pictures gradually grew, conveying nostalgia throughout and transitioning to the modern and minimalistic essence in just a f